Crescent is committed to providing quality healthcare to Hispanic and Latinx populations. Our team offers a variety of services that are tailored to the needs of these populations, such as bilingual staff, culturally appropriate medical care, and specialized healthcare services for particular conditions that are common among Hispanic and Latinx individuals. Crescent is dedicated to providing access to preventive care, such as well-child visits, cancer screening, and immunizations, in order to reduce health disparities among these populations. Additionally, the health center has established a network of referral services that ensures that individuals have access to the specialized care they may need.

Our dedicated team recognizes the challenges that can impede the healthcare of Hispanic and Latinx individuals, such as lack of insurance, language barriers, and cultural differences. To address these challenges, Crescent offers sliding scale fee options, ensures that bilingual staff members are available and understand the cultural nuances of the population, and provides a diverse range of services. We also work to provide education and resources to individuals in order to help them become more informed about their care options. Through these initiatives, Crescent is committed to providing the best quality healthcare to Hispanic and Latinx populations.

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