Q: What are your hours?

A:  Our regular hours are Monday - Thursday 7 a.m. - 6  p.m. and Friday 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Q: Where is your office located?

A: We are at 1690 Elm Street in Dubuque, Iowa.

Q. Do I need an appointment or can I just walk in to be seen?

A: We prefer that you make an appointment, however, we do save some appointment slots for same-day appointments.

Q.  Do I need to bring anything special to my first visit?

A: You will need a photo ID, any insurance cards, proof of income and your new patient packet if one was sent to you.

Q.  What do I bring for proof of income?

A: You can bring one month worth of paycheck stubs, a recent tax return, a notice of decision from Iowa Medicaid or a letter from social security disability

Q. If I don't have insurance, can I still be seen at Crescent?

A: We exist to serve all patients, regardless of insurance status. Patients without insurance may be eligible for our sliding fee scale which depends on your income and household size.

Q. Can I be seen at Crescent if I do have insurance?

A: Yes!  We accept most private insurances, as well as Medicaid, Medicare, Hawk-I, and Iowa Health and Wellness.

Q.  What can I expect at the first appointment?

A: At your first visit, your provider will take time to get to know you. We want to make sure we collect all the information we need to care for you in the best way possible. Your first visit is really meant for you to meet and establish care with your primary care provider or dentist.

Q.  I received a bill and have questions about it. Who can I call for assistance?

A: Please contact our Financial Counselor at (563) 690-2891.