Why do we offer the sliding fee scale?

At Crescent Community Health Center, we are committed to ensuring that everyone in our community has access to quality healthcare, regardless of their financial situation. One of the key ways we achieve this is through our sliding fee scale program. In this section, we will explain what the sliding fee scale is and how it works to make healthcare affordable for all.

What is the sliding fee scale?

The sliding fee scale is a financial assistance program designed to help individuals and families with limited financial resources access comprehensive medical, dental, and brain healthcare services at Crescent. This program is based on your household size and income level, and it allows eligible patients to pay reduced fees for services. In order to be assessed for the sliding fee scale, you must provide one of the following sources of information:

  • Current paystubs (paystubs must show GROSS income) for the past 30 days (2 paystubs if paid bi-weekly, 4 paystubs if paid weekly); for both patient AND spouse, if married.
  • Tax forms (Federal 1040, W2, or 1099); for both patient AND spouse, if married.
  • If you receive Social Security income, unemployment and/or pension monies that are direct deposit, you may provide your bank statement showing 30 days of activity OR the letter from Social Security or unemployment indicating the amount you are paid.
  • Eligibility Notice from the State (Notice of Decision/Action (IA resident), SNAP report (IL resident) or Food Share Report (WI resident).
  • Wage A verification form. This form allows us to partner with Iowa Workforce that shows a person’s income over the previous FOUR quarters. Only patients employed in Iowa and do not receive unemployment are eligible to submit this form. 

How do I provide my proof of income?

Fax: (563) 690-0373
Mail: 1690 Elm St. STE 300 Dubuque, IA 52001
Email: please send via secure email to financials@crescentchc.org

You may also drop off at the clinic or bring to your next appointment

Use the button below to view our sliding-fee scale. You can determine your discount percentage based on total household size and income. Patients who qualify for a 100% discount will still be asked to pay the nominal fee.

For more information, please contact our Financial Counselor at (563) 690-2891.