Crescent Community Health Center (Crescent) Advocacy Awards are given annually to individuals who are dedicated community stakeholders, board members, patients, or others who have impacted the work of Crescent and enabled our progress toward fulfilling our vision, quality care for all, resulting in healthier communities.

Nominations will be accepted from the senior leadership team throughout the year in accordance with the nominee’s relevance to the following criteria as a Crescent advocate:

  • Supports Crescent mission, vision, and values.
  • Demonstrates commitment with outstanding work in efforts supporting Crescent.
  • Recognized locally or otherwise as a leader for the marginalized regional patients.
  • Commits to bold inclusion and diversity in targeted health care efforts for all.
  • Efforts make the work of others driving the mission forward possible.
  • One or more direct actions impacting advocacy progress for Crescent mission.
  • Fierce spokesperson and champion for health equity and fairness.

"I am proud to recognize the invaluable contributions of our community stakeholders, board members, patients, and advocates through our annual Advocacy Awards. Their dedication and impact have been instrumental in driving Crescent's progress towards our vision of quality care for all, fostering healthier communities in the process." - Gary Collins, Chief Executive Officer