COVID Testing

At Crescent Community Health Center, we understand the importance of accessible and timely COVID testing for our community. As part of our commitment to public health and well-being, we proudly offer COVID testing services not only to our valued patients but also to non-patients.

Our dedicated team is here to provide rapid COVID tests, ensuring that you receive quick and accurate results when you need them most. We recognize that having convenient access to testing is crucial for safeguarding the health of individuals and our community as a whole.

Whether you're a patient of Crescent or a concerned member of our community, you can rely on us as your trusted COVID testing location.

Does Crescent offer COVID testing? Yes, Crescent provides COVID testing services. We offer Rapid COVID testing for Crescent patients who are seen within a visit to a provider. Additionally, we provide free at-home rapid COVID test kits that are available to both patients and non-patients.

Do you have take-home COVID tests for distribution? Yes, we do. We offer free at-home COVID test kits for the convenience of our community.

Do you have to be an established Crescent patient to be COVID tested? Or vaccinated? Or get a home test kit?

  • For COVID vaccination, you must be an established Crescent patient, and currently, we have the vaccine available for Vaccines for Children (VFC) and Bridge Access Program (BAP) eligible patients, which means you can receive the vaccine for free.
  • However, you do not necessarily need to be a Crescent patient to receive a COVID test. If you visit our Quick Care department and are seen by a provider, they have the ability to offer a COVID test to both patients and non-patients. We also offer rapid at-home COVID tests that can be picked up either in our Quick Care or Medical Departments. It's important to note that to utilize our Quick Care department, you do not need to be an established patient.

At Crescent Community Health Center, we are committed to ensuring the health and safety of our community by providing accessible COVID testing and vaccination services. If you have any questions please contact our medical clinic at 563.690.2863, Para Espanol! 563.690.0304, Jej Kajjin Majol: 563.231.1050.