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Employee Spotlight!

Employee Spotlight!

Shelby is our therapist here at Crescent and has been with us now for about a year. To improve her overall wellness and outlook on each day, Shelby really focuses on activities to clear her mind and decrease stress. Shelby states, “Hot Yoga and Mindfulness are my go-to wellness activities.” Shelby reaps the positive benefits of yoga. “Not only does it help clear my mind and decrease stress, but it helps me remain positive and focus on the little things in life. Going to yoga has changed my thinking and helps me slow down, not take things for granted, and also, stay in shape.” Like many of us, Shelby faces some barriers to wellness. “Some days I have no motivation and really would rather sit on the couch but I know that staying well both physically and mentally will help my life tremendously.” She also states, “Staying well mentally is much harder than most people believe, so it is important to do the things you love and it helps you remain focused on what is more important to you.”

Shelby offered some wonderful advice for anyone looking to improve their overall wellness. She states, “Find things that make you feel good about yourself. Try new things such as yoga, water walking, and other forms of exercise that may not be mainstream. Enjoyment in everyday life will help you make those healthy changes because they are enjoyable and not mandatory.”

“Talk to someone about it, such as a therapist or peer support. Wellness and healthy changes are not only about the physical side of you but also the mental side. Being mentally healthy is just as important and helps maintain your physical health. “You can’t fill other people’s cups without having a full one yourself.”