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Why is Crescent a great place to work?

Read our Staff Testimonials:

My favorite thing about being an NP: I love working with patients to start caring about their health, as well as getting them to buy into making healthy changes and being their own advocates. . I love the connections I have made at crescent over the past five years. Being one of the longest standing providers at Crescent, I do feel that our concerns and opinions are valued and we are able to be involved in future planning and projects, which is pretty unique in a primary care setting. I love the staff we work with, it can get hectic but there is not a different group of people I would do it with.

- Jen

I enjoy being a Nurse Practitioner at Crescent Community Health Center because I am able to work with a wide variety of patients of all different ages. Over the years, I have gotten to take care of several generations of patients from the same family and get to know them on a personal level. I enjoy being able to make lasting relationships with patients.

- Tassie 

My favorite thing about being a DNP is being able to provide care for patients and working with them to develop a medical plan designed to fit their life style.  Giving back to the community is very important to me, and Crescent has an amazing way of providing multiple resources for the community.  The staff here are absolutely amazing and go above and beyond for the patients.

- Tara

I started working at Crescent Community Health Center in October 2014 as a dental assistant. Less than year later I got the opportunity to take on new position as dental patient care coordinator, and have been doing that position ever since. My day consists of scheduling appointments for our patients and taking care of phone calls that come through. I also take care of referral to outside providers for services that we cannot do here, and process prior authorizations with insurance. Doing this helps out patients to have continuation of care for their dental needs.

Working at Crescent has given me the opportunity to work with a great team. Our team strives together to give our patients the best care possible. I would recommend anyone to work here because we all have the same goal in mind, whether we are direct staff or not, which is quality care for all.  As most will agree, we get a great feeling from our patients by knowing that we have helped them with their health and dental needs. There are new challenges to face daily so it keeps us on our toes, but that is also what keeps is exciting. It feels good to do good!

- Aleah

My name is Kelli and I have been employed at CCHC for almost four years, currently titled as a Registered Nurse. My day consists of triaging walk in patients, answering triage phone calls, assisting “nurse only” patients such as injections, wound assessments, and medication reconciliation. My day is not only scheduled for that mentioned previously. Daily I am also involved in relaying lab results which in turn assures I provide proper education and relaying changes in treatment as well as ensuring the patient that additional warranted follow up is being addressed so their medical and mental well-being is adequately being met.

Crescent not only allows me to feel fulfilled with using my nursing degree to the fullest by utilizing my medical skills but also allows me to fulfill my passion of making a difference. For example, anyone can use their knowledge to relay a result but I strive to make each individual truly understand the impact this result has pertaining to their personal life. Most of this comes from listening to a “patient’s” story. When you know the reasoning behind what makes them strive, then you can focus on helping them to understand why a change in treatment or modifying their lifestyle can help them continue their journey. Taking even one extra minute to simply “listen” can make a dramatic change to their health.

I must admit that one of my biggest struggles at CCHC is hearing a patient say “they have to come here to receive medical care.” Although due to location, that may be true, but it is a place that I hope they someday feel proud of. Not everyone chooses to work with those under state aide or uninsured, but I do…as well as my co-workers. We make a choice every morning to arrive to work and make a difference in our patients lives. We choose the struggle…whether it be the fact that medical coverage has not been consistent for an extended period of time, or a hardship brought them to our facility, or they aren’t allowed insurance coverage due to citizenship, or those that just like the small atmosphere we provide; they are surrounded by a partnership of “employees” who want to ensure everyone, despite the reasoning, receives the highest quality medical care.


I was hired the 26th of July in 2016, as a patient service representative and a Spanish translator.  Though I came in with no experience and haven’t been here very long, I have quickly adjusted to the needs of our patients and our community. I really appreciate the opportunity I have been given and enjoy every part of my job. As a patient service representative I make sure all the requirements before being seen are met, such as updating information on the system, collecting minimum fees, and answering any questions the patient may have in reference to their appointments. I am also dedicated to insure our patient have a great familiarity with our policies, procedures and requirements. We have a great number of patients that require interpretation so on an everyday basis I help Spanish speaking patients schedule, reschedule and remind them of both medical and dental appointments. As a translator I make sure every patient clearly understands the providers (in both dental and medical), answer all their questions about medications, appointments, or help needed with in and out of our clinic.  I really appreciate working with CCHC because we are able to provide health care needs to our patients, who are uninsured, which is not an option elsewhere. Not only is this it’s a great relief for patients to be able to come in, but this also encourages them to take better care of themselves. I’ve had several patients tell me that are really happy that we are able to offer the sliding fee discounts.

I would highly recommend working here because all employees are friendly towards each other and we work together to accomplish our mission, quality care for our patients. 



My name is Diana and I started as a dental assistant 09/05/2006, it has been challenging and exciting starting a new clinic, going from a private practice to a community health center setting. The comradery with fellow staff is wonderful and so heartfelt, as in the beginning we all worked together to make Crescent a place that patients felt good about coming to. We are very busy and the challenges associated with that keep it interesting and rewarding on many levels, for staff to keep things fun and professional, for patients to make sure they are cared for at the highest level always. I have been promoted now to lead dental assistant, with more responsibility, supervising the other dental assistants, Crescent has always encouraged professional growth.

I love my job for so many reasons, the friendships I have made in the 10 years I have been employed, the rewards I receive daily in caring for our patients, and the pride that I feel in saying I work at Crescent Community Health Center.

- Diana