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How Crescent Funding is Utilized

Crescent Community Health Center is funded by six primary revenue streams. As we continue to inform our donors and community partners, we would like to share how funds are utilized to ensure steady growth and financial strength, while maintaining our primary mission to provide high-quality, respectful, and affordable medical and dental care to improve the health and well-being of our community.

As a Federally Qualified Health Center, Crescent received $1.678 million from the Federal 330 Grant in 2017. Funding from this grant specifically covers roughly 50 percent of our personnel costs including salaries and wages.

Crescent’s largest revenue stream stems from patient services, these revenues are received through insurance reimbursements, the 340B drug program, and gains and interest from our endowments at the Community Foundation of Greater Dubuque.

Last year, patient services revenue totaled just over $4 million – a record high. Funding from patient services covers the remaining 50 percent of personnel expenses including employee benefits, and operational costs including insurance, rent, supplies and professional fees.

Donations represent only two percent of Crescent’s revenue, at $708,370 in 2017. Designated donations are gifts limited to specific needs such as the payment of the nominal fee for an uninsured patient, for treatment needed by an uninsured child, or medications for an uninsured patient of any age. Undesignated funds are then used to fund patient services which aren’t covered by other sources including:
-Providing health education for our chronically ill patients.
-Making interpreters available for medical and dental appointments with patients whose first language is not English.
-Providing transportation assistance to patients with transportation barriers.
-Funding some specialty care for uninsured children.
-Wellness Center Activities and Staff
-Care Coordination
-Community Health Workers

Without consistent support and dedication from each resource, we would not be able to maintain our ability to provide high-quality, affordable care to all in need. We thank you for your support, helping us be a bright light for our patients.