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Crescent Community Health Center Strategic Plan

Strategic Planning (2020-2023) began in November 2019 and we presented initial findings to the Board in May, 2020 for final review. 

There are three main goals and these are supported with objectives and more granular detail which will be measured and monitored.

Core Organizational Strategy #1 
Grow Crescent Community Health Center as an Organization

Supporting Objectives

  • Set CCHC Up for Future Growth and Expansion as an Organization
  • Embrace Change/Evolve Organization

Core Organizational Strategy #2    
Build and Reinforce a Culture of Excellence at CCHC

Supporting Objectives

  • Enhance Communication and Transparency throughout CCHC
  • Optimize the Internal Culture of CCHC
  • Attract and Retain Talent/Create Mission-Driven Employee Talent Base
  • Achieve Service Excellence

Core Organizational Strategy #3    
Enhance the Outreach, Storytelling, and Community Engagement of CCHC

Supporting Objectives

  • Engage with and Raise the Visibility of CCHC in the Community
  • Enhance and Expand Board Relationships and Understanding of Roles with Staff


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