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Tracy Tschudi

Tracy Tschudi

Tracy began Crescent Community Health Center in November 2022. She worked at Hillcrest Mental Health Center for 13 years in a nurse/leader capacity until 2020 when she became an advanced practice nurse in brain health. Since 2020, Tracy has been providing brain health services to pediatric, adolescent, and adult clients in the outpatient setting. 

She obtained her associates degree in nursing in 2004 from NICC; bachelor’s degree in nursing in 2016 from Kaplan University; and master’s in nursing, psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner degree from Walden University in 2020. Tracy is bilingual and able to read, write, and speak in Spanish fluently.

“I joined Crescent as I appreciates the integrative approach. This organization is a staple in the community in which I want to be a part of,” said Tracy. “What I appreciate as a psychiatric nurse practitioner is brain health does not discriminate; it can impact anyone in some sort of manner through life experiences or genetics. My passion is to help everyone be the best that they can be each day.”

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