Crescent Community Health Center Announces Advocacy Awardee

DUBUQUE, Iowa, September 7, 2021 - Crescent Community Health Center (Crescent) Advocacy Awards are given annually to individuals who are dedicated community stakeholders, board members, patients or others who have impacted the work of Crescent and enabled our progress toward fulfilling our vision, quality care for all, resulting in a healthy community. This year the awardee is Jim Miller. 

“We can't express enough gratitude to Jim Miller for the profound impact he has made on Crescent and the healthcare landscape of our community,” said Gary Collins, CEO. “Without advocates, community health centers would not have grown over the past 55 years to serve more than 30 million Americans annually across the country. Additionally, with supporters like our awardees, community health centers have become substantial economic drivers with a $35.5 million annual economic impact in Iowa alone.”

In 2014, Jim Miller joined the Crescent Board of Directors to strengthen the overall experience with the volunteer board.  Jim’s business acumen would quickly lead him to guide the Finance Committee of the Board and in 2017, Jim helped guide the Board through the organization, financial planning and development of the lease for the 1690 Elm Street location.  This building and the plan for comprehensive services to the underserved community is positioned to transform care in this community for many years to come.  Jim is hardworking, intelligent, detail-oriented and kind.  He is a dedicated and generous person and his efforts on behalf of Crescent over the past 8 years have earned him the recognition as an Advocacy award winner for 2021.  Congratulations and thank you, Jim!