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Crescent Community Health Center Mask Update

Crescent Community Health Center (Crescent) places patient safety as a top priority. For this reason, we are continuing to require masks of all individuals entering our facility for care. We are aware that national guidance states that fully vaccinated persons do not need face coverings, and that the city and county are no longer able to enforce mask requirements. However, individual businesses may choose to continue their own mandates, based on individual needs and populations served. 

At present, strong recommendations from state and national medical and dental organizations continue to recommend the use of masks in healthcare settings. We are following this guidance, with the perspective that it ensures the highest possible level of safety for those vulnerable individuals that seek care with our organization. We also do not want anyone to be pressured to disclose their personal choice to be vaccinated or not, so if everyone is masked, then no one need be confronted for those choices. We want to be done with masks, too, but not at the cost of patient safety. We will continually reevaluate the situation, and appreciate everyone’s patience at this time.