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A Statement from Gary Collins, CEO of Crescent Community Health Center

A Statement from Gary Collins, CEO of Crescent Community Health Center

Under the immense shadow of the Coronavirus, processes changed, people were separated, patient visits may have been cancelled or delayed, we put up barriers for safety and have all wondered when it would end. We had to learn new ways to see our patients, screen our staff, conduct meetings and keep the business of the health center safely moving forward. People stepped up, creative minds led to innovative solutions and we constantly re-engineered processes to ensure the best outcomes under a new operating environment. 

While we are trying to get back to whatever the new normal will look like in a post COVID-19 landscape, another force outside of our control is leading the news cycle where COVID-19 left off, and is very raw and real for many. The 24/7 coverage around the death of Mr. George Floyd has opened up emotions in many that are seen in protests, tweets, posts and on television. Similar to what we experienced during COVID-19, we are connecting with the storyline and our empathy draws us into all the activities that are making this series of events so vivid in our history. Mr. Floyd could have been one of our patients.

Our vision statement rings true with the best of what we are here to do for our patients, “Quality care for all, resulting in healthy community.” We support this with our seven value statements to ensure we stay on track. It is during these turbulent times we need to remind ourselves that our families, neighbors, co-workers and our patients may all be reacting to the events we see unfolding in many different ways. Which is why our values help to keep us grounded and connected to our work with the goal of improving the health and well-being of our entire community.  

Value Statements

We believe all individuals, regardless of ability to pay, should have access to quality healthcare services and the opportunity to be integrated with people who have the means to pay.

We believe collaboration and affiliation with other providers/agencies will strengthen our program with regard to levels of care and breadth of services.

Diversity and Dignity
We value diversity and believe in the dignity of each person.

We believe that the highest standard of care should be available for all.  We exist to enhance and promote the health and well-being of everyone through education, prevention and treatment.

We will represent the people we serve and promote the right of everyone to receive the highest quality health care.

We believe every aspect of our services provided by a caring staff should reflect that meeting the needs of each client is paramount to the dignity of each person.

We believe families are successful with community support, and our communities can and should work together for the needs of all in the tri-state area.

In health,
Gary Collins
Chief Executive Officer