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Remembering Sister Helen Huewe

Remembering Sister Helen Huewe

Crescent Community Health Center is mourning the loss of Sister Helen Huewe, along with the rest of our Dubuque community. It is safe to say Crescent would not be here today without the dedication and strength of Sister Helen, a founding board member of Crescent.

Despite being turned down for federal grant funding for several years, our health center opened on a small scale in 2006 thanks to local support. Due to the persistence of Sister Helen, Crescent was awarded a federal grant in August 2007 which allowed Crescent to expand to the full health center model of care. "When I got the word that we got the grant, so Crescent Community Health Center became a federally qualified health center, my only response was to cry," said Sister Helen. "This Crescent Community Health Center is about people helping people. People giving of themselves to help those who need it most. It’s about people supporting and enhancing a health care model in our community that will provide quality care to everyone. It’s about people sticking with it long enough to see success."

Sister Helen also had a passion for providing compassionate care to the Marshallese community. She was a driving force in Crescent's Dubuque Pacific Islander Health Project, with the mission to engage, educate and empower Compact of Free Association (COFA) migrants in achieving and maintaining health and well-being by working to remove barriers and assist in accessing needed resources.

“Sister Helen’s passion for helping all people was clearly seen in her every action. In fact, in the short time I knew Sister Helen, I learned of her desire for the advancement of Crescent Community Health Center and in particular, the Pacific Islander Health Project which currently serves hundreds of patients," said Gary Collins, Crescent's Chief Executive Officer. "In the weeks leading up to her health challenges, Sister Helen participated in the Crescent strategic planning process to ensure our past successes would move us forward with the recent move behind us. Our community has lost one of the most caring and kind-hearted individuals in the world this past weekend. She will be forever cherished by all that knew her and the work she started at Crescent will carry on for many years to come. Rest in peace, Sister Helen, our hearts are heavy but we will keep what you started moving forward in your honor.”

To watch the video of Crescent's story and Sister Helen's profound impact on our organization click here.

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