RN Charge Nurse (full or part-time)

Role: To ensure safe and appropriate assessment, screening, processing and referral of the patient or caller inquiring via the phone or walk-in triage system.

Essential Charge Nurse Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Guides and supports other nurses and works with clinic manager  to implement protocols/ polices
  • Point person for nursing specific issues that come up in the clinical setting (utilizing clinic manager prn)
  • Completing smoking cessation prior authorizations for the providers
  • Completing inventories for stock medications, equipment, and assisting with vaccine inventory; ordering of supplies (equipment, medical supplies, vaccines, stock meds, etc) as needed throughout the month
  • Assist triage nurse with complex patients/coordinate care throughout clinical setting, as well as callbacks and triage
  • Serves as a medical staff mentor, assists with new hire orientation, and gives feedback for staff evaluations as needed.
  • Float into different roles (triage, rooming, etc.) if short staffed and coordinate lunch times
  • Assist in rooming patients to allow care teams to get caught up on paperwork on a prn basis
  • Monitor, maintain, and address nurse only visits on the nurse schedule
  • Delegate utilizing the 5 rights of delegation
  • Participate in board huddles and lead board huddles if clinic manager not available
  • Assist in pre-visit planning and team huddles as needed
  • Assessing and providing appropriate follow up advice for patients that were seen in the Emergency Room
  • Update medical charts with changes to problem list, medication list, and/or allergy list.
  • Monitor for medical chart flags/alerts and follow up on outstanding orders.

Essential Triage Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Performs assessments over the phone and in person for people without appointments
  • Assists in appointing patients needing to be seen the same or next day or authorizing/expediting acute care/ER visits if needed
  • Provides telephone advice and guidance should patient’s symptomology change
  • Documents all information in chart in an accurate, thorough and timely manner with signage by provider
  • Prioritizes tasks according to urgency. Responds to phone calls from patients in less than two hours or, if within one hour of clinic closing, by the beginning of the next business day.
  • Assists other medical staff or providers as needed.
  • Assists with nurse only visits (blood pressure checks, injections, TB skin tests/read, etc.)
  • Assists patients and providers in filling out paperwork (FMLA, ST disability, job restrictions, DHS, home health services, DME, Quitline, work releases, etc.)
  • Clarifies medication orders with providers as needed
  • Medication refills as indicated per Crescent policies (including Lock-in patients)
  • Assists with wound care or other procedures per provider preference/guidelines and standing orders
  • Discuss lab/imaging results with patients. Offer guidance and education per provider orders and standing orders
  • Follow-up on outstanding lab/imaging orders
  • Completes other duties as assigned

Essential Staff Nursing Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Greets and rooms patients in a friendly, respectful manner. Introduces her/himself and provider.
  • Takes, records patient vitals.
  • Gathers past medical and interim history. Obtains outside records and updates chart accordingly.
  • Screens patients for depression and other preventative healthcare needs.
  • Assists the provider in caring for the patient, including completing standing orders.
  • Draws, labels, records and completes in-house tests and external labs.
  • Assists the provider in ordering necessary imaging and referral coordination. Ensures that all required paperwork is filled out.
  • Assists the provider with procedures according to clinic guidelines.
  • Performs triage functions for walk-in and call in patients, adhering to clinic protocols, scheduling requirements and access.
  • Compiles and files paperwork/prescriptions and fax/call as warranted and ordered.
  • Provides education and resources for disease states and identified barriers.
  • Reviews patient charts for gaps in care, needed follow-up and outstanding orders.
  • Assists providers with correct coding of visits, if necessary.

Education and Experience:

Minimum of a RN

  • Iowa nursing license
  • BLS certification

To apply please submit resumes to, resumes will be accepted until the position is filled.

Pre-employment drug testing and background check required.